Adsense can be Madsense at Times: Don’t Give Up
by: Jon Sterling

You are probably like myself in the fact that you initially became involved in Google’s Adsense to make lots of money and quickly. Unless you are the Uber-Genius of the Web and everything you create makes tons of money, then you have found the truth about making money as a Adsense publisher. It’s not easy!

I have been making a living with Adsense and various other affiliate marketing programs over the past three years and the lessons learned have been hard and fast.

1. There is really not a quick buck to be made unless you are running a scam on people.

2. Hard work and lots of it combined with a huge learning curve that is constantly changing so you must stretch your mind and change with it.

3. You need to make lots of friends on the net to support one another in this industry - Things like one way linking – Ad placement – Graphics Design – Web Site creation – Blog layouts – just to name a few.

4. You need time unless you have a few buddies working at Google, Yahoo, MSN and few universities. It takes time for all of the search engines and linking to take effect. Yes there are some tricks to faster search engine emersion but they catch on to these and you can be considered a black hat SEO guy/gal and that is not good.

5. You need to treat your business like a business and respect it – Anything that is free is not respected.

6. Have a goal – I would like to start my own little diner here our little town so my goal is to create enough capital with Adsense, Amazon and a few others to have my bills paid off, create my diner, and maybe even a bakery next door – Have a office in the back to keep tabs on the Adsense Empire that we have created and live life a little easier.

So if you are getting down about how little you are making – Print this list out and keep it next to your monitor – on your fridge or where ever and re-read it from time to time – You are not alone in this quest – You really are not alone.

One more tip – Whatever ever your goal is, break it down to smaller pieces and put a number on it – Like if you want to make $100,000 USD per year – then that would be $273.98 per day x 365 days per year. Take a stack of post it notes and write $273.98 along with Adsense below it and put them every where in your home that you go during the day. I even have one on the dash of car to remind my wife and myself.

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