Are You Correctly Set Up For Adsense Success?
By Karl
There is so much written on Adsense that it has fast become more of an information overload than usable information. It seems like there is a new information product on Adsense released every second day. But if you read through some of the information carefully you will notice that the biggest generator of Adsense income is nothing else than traffic.

Yes there are techniques that you should know of and use to ensure you get clicks but we will get to those in a moment.

Now to get traffic you need to understand the search engines first, and it is not as difficult as you may think. It is about as easy as learning to ride a bike. Yes, you will fall off and bruise yourself but if you get on again and apply what you have learned you will soon be riding along with the others.

Getting you site indexed for the first time does take some learning, and some falling off. Just submitting your site to the search engines, a wave of the magic traffic wand, and traffic is streaming into your site earning you tons of cash is just a pipe dream.

So do the Adsense gurus really make money with Adsense or is it just a way to sell information products to people who are gullible enough to buy?

The answer to this question is, yes there are marketers making five and six figure income from Adsense and yes you can learn from them. Firstly you need to understand search engine traffic and how to make sure your pages is search engine friendly. Shortly you'll discover some methods and how to implement them. Next refine your site and page design to the right Adsense formula and you will have a winning combination which will have your sites paying handsomely.

To get free traffic to your site from the search engines you need to be indexed and your pages need to rank well, at least in the top twenty for your search term or search phrase.

Getting this right takes time and effort, but it is possible to do it for little or no cost to you. There are ways in which you should set up your on page optimization that you must adhere to before even starting to get links to your site.

Here are some of the basics that you should have in place before getting links to your site or page.

1. Your title tag on your page in the html code should contain your main keyword or keyword phrase.
Example: if your keyword is 'Adsense'

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should read something like 'Adsense, how much are you making | Why so little Adsense income'

2. Your h1 tags should contain the headline of your site and your keyword.
Example: 'Review of how to increase your Adsense income'

3. Your description meta tag:
Example: Identify Adsense elements in its lowest form, manipulate the information and increase your Adsense income

4. The last twenty five words before your body closing tag should contain the keyword or keyword phrase that you are attempting to rank for.

5. Within your text make sure that the keyword is used about five times throughout in different paragraphs. Then make one in bold, one in italic and underline the other.

6. Your text should be three hundred words or more.

7. You must have outbound links on your page containing your keyword or keyword phrase.

These methods will help with the ranking of your page once you are indexed.

The next step is inbound links. This is not just about links from other sites to yours; they must be relevant to the content of your site. There are different ways to approach inbound links, you can buy them, belong to a link exchange program or find authority sites and email them with a proposal to link to your site.

The alternative and best method that I have found is to write articles related to your site content and posting them to different article directories. With a good article you can be assured that you will get many one way back links at no cost to you. Not only do these sites link back to you but when any webmaster places the article on their site you have yet another back link and possible traffic from that site.

With all the new content published daily on the article directories the search engines visit them frequently which simply means that you will quickly get indexed. Make sure you are set up for Adsense success.

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