Google Adsense Empire
By John Marshal
You have probably heard of people making thousands of dollars a month or even a day using Google Adsense alone. You even have built a website and stuffed it with Adsense thinking that it's going to make you rich. As a matter of fact, building an Adsense site that generates a huge profit is not an easy job. There are many aspects that go into building a money making Adsense site.

First of all, you need to know how Google Adsense works. Individuals like you and me, or even companies, can use Google to advertise their products. The program where you can create your ads is called Google Adwords. Since there are many people creating ads using this system, Google needs help from others to put their ads on their sites. This is the reason why they created Google Adsense.

The main problem with this great program is that a website owner does not get paid simply by placing the ad on his page. He needs visitors to click on the ads in order for him to make money. There are many techniques and key factors that help optimizing your page to get the maximum click through rate.

First, you need to build your website around high paying keywords; these are used by advertisers to create their ads. Believe me, if you search the net to find high paying keywords you'll stumble into lots of scam and very expensive informational marketing products that claim to have lists or softwares that give you that kind of information. Thankfully, there are some softwares which actually work and are updated in real time.

The second key factor to your success is to build your site around the ads in such a way where they should get the maximum click through rate. There are many courses and books published about this kind or

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technique. I found videos to be the best recourses for this kind of information.

The third and last but not least key factor is to have as much Traffic as you can get to your website. This is done in many different ways. First you can submit your sites url to the search engines such as Yahoo and Google, the problem with this technique though is that it might take months for your site to be listed, and even then who knows where it would show up when people search for its keywords. For example, it might show up in the 100th page, this is why I personally don't recommend doing this because it's a waste of time.

Second, which is a must do is to do like what I'm doing here and write an article and submit it to article directory sites such as,, & Searchwarp. What you need to do here is to place your sites url in the article so after it is published people can see it and click on the link to go to your page.

Finally, you can increase traffic by using SEO, search engine optimization, softwares that are designed specifically for this kind of task. You just plug in your sites url into the program and let it do the rest.

I hope this helps many of you struggling with Google Adsense to be able to maximize your profits in a very short period of time.

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