Important Selling Techniques For Affiliate Marketing
By: Ivan Hu

This article focuses on the promotional tactics, free or paid, needed in selling affiliate products. If you?re an absolute beginner, here?s a short note on what?s affiliate marketing: it is the business where you are to sell someone else?s products on a commission-basis per sale. The process works in terms of percentages than in dollar amounts, which can vary even up to 75% for one sale.

Let?s be on to the main objective of the article now.

Making a landing page for the product on your own website is one good way to push and sell the product. You can always give a referral link in the end, directing your potential customers to the main site, where he/she may end up striking a deal. The site should also, of course, be well optimized in itself to get good ranks in search engines. This must be ensured at the beginning to lower advertising investments, because search engine ranking will eventually bring more traffic to your website. The progress may be slow, depending on the frequency of search engine spiders crawling on your page, but sure. The next technique not only fosters this progress, but is also a separate selling method in itself.

All you need to do is join a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) program and create ads for the affiliate landing page. There are many sites which offer PPC programs, but Google and Yahoo are, by far, the best and most popular. It can cost you real high if you don?t know how to benefit from these programs. You can only profit if your ad perfectly caters to the needs of your targeted buyers. The key idea is to increase the amount of targeted viewers. There are many books available on mastering the PPC systems and learning how to earn more than you spend. Here?s just a brief overview:

The concept is quite simple. Suppose you get a sale in every 100 clicks and earn 20 cents per click. So for selling a product at $25 commission, you can bag $5. And to convert potential clicks to profitable sales, you need to keep testing your ads. If you want to achieve this without a site, just put the affiliate link in as the landing page. Not all PPC companies would allow this, so read the Terms of Service well before starting off. The success in using PPC programs with the landing page depends on several factors ranging from the power of the ad to the impact of the landing page.

You may also use Web blogs to sell your affiliate products. Just submit articles and reviews associated with your product and you can have your blog listed in the leading search engines. This will also help the potential customers know about your product in advance, thereby helping them in buying. When you don?t want to buy a domain, blogs are the closest you can get to your site, because updating blogs is easy and are in regular use in affiliate marketing too. Ping your blog posts after you?ve put it up with websites like Ping-O-Matic.

The ultimate objective is to bring as much as targeted viewers to visit your affiliate site or your ad. Increasing targeted traffic means more chances of a deal or a sale, and consequently, more chances of your getting a commission as a marketer. You can sell anything under the sun through affiliate marketing. So pick the product of your choice, one which you?re comfortable in, and get started.

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