Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them
By: Ivan Hu

In order to help you avoid making some of the most common errors made by the affiliate program marketers, who are web based, we have collected those mistakes to make you aware of them. Many have learned these lessons, but through the hard way of struggling to make the sales that just never closed, the entire idea is about closing the sales!

1. Failure to understand that people scan information

An affiliate marketer?s failure to realize that the people visiting your website will read about thirty percent of the matter on your page is the sure number one error. Most people, particularly the highly intelligent, busy professionals, having the money to purchase the products that you have to offer, are generally too busy to study every word.

They are going to search for and focus on the bullet points, highlights, blurbs and pictures to decide if the information is good enough and if they should spend time on reading more. Do not fall into the same trap. Make landing page of your affiliate marketing such that all the major points seem to stand out and cannot go unnoticed by the person scanning the page.

2. Lack of success in offering bundled packages

It is human nature to want things for free. Let your prospect feel that they are getting more for what they are paying for, by adding free prospects to the product you are marketing, or free software to enhance the product, or just a free subscription to any newsletter. Do not just offer them your product and ask them to get away. Add a package to which no one can refuse!

3. Failure in following up

Out of every 100 people who come across a sales page on any particular affiliate marketing, one among them will surely purchase immediately. The remaining 99 would move to another page with no chance of returning back. To attract these people, use an autoresponder, to allow signing-up for free reports. So, even if 25% of them sign up for your free reports, it would mean that twenty four people will see in their inbox, your product through free reports. Now if 10% of them do buy your product, you get to have 3.4 sales every 100 visitors, instead of 1. And it is an extremely conservative estimate.

4. Flooding the inbox of the prospect

Everyone dislikes seeing 5-6 messages from a single marketer, on opening their inbox. That is a sure-shot way to land you into their e-mail blocking list! Instead contact them every few days, and then slowing down to just once a week, to even once in two weeks, between your contacts. Sales can be generated through persistence, so do not give up if you?re contact shy of sales closure.

5. Failure to construct sales of second tier

As an affiliate marketer, you can?t just make profits out of just your own sales. Anyone who joins the program, on the basis of your referral, is sure to join membership of your own downline, and in fact a small percentage of profit made by their own sales would also come trickling down to you. All people wish to have the largest possible downline. Also, do not forget that the ones joining under your downline can help in getting trickle-up profits.

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